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Great srrvuce

Never had a bad meal from this restaurant, will continue to use for our Indian takeaways
placed by Nicola Dew on the 23rd February 2018

Burnt food and very bad customer service

Ordered food through their website whilst they were still open. Was asked to pick the food up fast because they wanted to shut the restaurant earlier. The food we were given when we got home was poor. Completely burnt naan breads which the chef would have noticed but couldn't be bothered to make new ones as they were closing early. The korma and madras were alright, slightly cold in places but ok. We couldn't order new naan breads at 10:15 because they had shut early so overall it was a big disappointment. When we asked for a refund on the naan breads it seemed like a lot of hassle and they still didn't refund me the amount that they cost. I would not come back here again or recommend it
placed by callum tuffen on the 24th January 2018

Good food

Good service
placed by Zakiyyah Begum on the 24th January 2018


The main dish - Butter Chicken - was disappointing. It was not as I remembered it. It used to be chicken pieces in a thick buttery sauce - yellow-coloured and creamy textured, a bit like a korma. This time it was very tomatoey and full of onions. Also I would have liked bigger pieces of vegetables in the Mixed Vegetable Curry, this looked like they had used a bag of diced vegetables from the supermarket and added curry sauce. Thankfully the naan bread and onion bhajis were perfect. The food was hot and was delivered on time.
placed by Teresa Parker on the 10th January 2018

Almost an hour late and food was cold!!

Waited a ridiculous amount of time only to be served cold food. Clearly the food was ready on time but the delivery service was appalling. Would definitely NOT recommend to anyone!
placed by Steve Barthaud on the 30th December 2017

Delivered a the wrong time, bad customer service and food wasn't great

I ordered food via their website to come at 7.45-8.00pm. At 6.45, I am bathing my son and come out of the bathroom to 5 missed calls so I call the number back but there isn't an answer. 8.05pm comes and the food still hasn't arrived so I call Joi and they say they came earlier but I didn't answer. They tell me that that's is the time I selected, although it wasn't and I have an email reciept and confirmation to prove it. They go on to tell me that they will redeliver my food and it is still hot. I ask whether it's the same food that was delivered an hour ago or fresh food as I didn't want food that had sat there for an hour but all they would say is 'your food will be hot' no matter how many times I asked if it was fresh. At this point I tried to cancel my order but was told I had to contact Kukd, even though on their website it says to contact the restaurant directly. I had paid online when I placed my order so I felt a bit stuck as it wasn't clear how I get my money back and I was being told 2 different th
placed by Carla Mason on the 23rd December 2017


Food was lovely though waited a little longer than stated. No extras given free with order like poppardoms.
placed by Cathy Knowles on the 13th December 2017

Great as usual

Another yummy meal. On time and delicious. Thanks.
placed by Teresa Parker on the 1st December 2017

Highly recommended

Easy to use online service, ready when it said it would be and food was lovely! Would recommend to anyone
placed by Sarah Williamson on the 23rd November 2017

Not quite their high standard

Disappointed this time - not up to their usual high standard. Food was edible but potatoes were slightly over-cooked and the sauce was curdled. Also delivery time was wrong. Never mind, we all get off days !
placed by Teresa Parker on the 27th October 2017

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